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  • Spreads

    We have developed a full range of condiments for your aperitifs or to accompany your culinary achievements.

    Rediscover the pleasure of a black olive tapenade of, a tomato caviar, cream of artichoke or our latest achievements as crackers "Petals" tapenade.

    All our products are made with quality raw materials to bring you a taste of the true and good.

  • Culinary preparations

    At the request of several heads, we developed culinary preparations from vegetables of the region. We select vegetables at optimum maturity from local producers.

    We therefore propose a gazpacho, ratatouille and tomato sauce.

  • Olives

    We have developed a full range of mouth olives for all your aperitif or to accompany your culinary creations.

    Discover the pleasure and taste of a black or green olives of our region. The varieties we use are Grossane variety, variety Aglandau and Picholine variety.

    All our products are made from high quality raw materials guarantee you an exceptional taste experience.

  • Vinegars fruit pulp

    We selected vinegars with fruit pulp of Libeluile society. They are made from natural fruit pulp without dyes or preservatives.

    All these vinegars are used as a seasoning or ice.

  • Balsamic vinegars

    For balsamic vinegars, we selected Leonardi.

    This company is the result of a family heirloom dating from the 9th century, highlighted by Giuseppe Leonardi in 1869, taken over by his son Vito who by his will to succeed in producing an exceptional balsamic was involved on all factors production (selection of the best grapes, selection of craftsmen coopers for drums, application of traditional recipes) to give the vinegar factory Leonardi its current reputation. When happen the third generation, represented by Giovanni Leonardi, expertise and passion are already out of the family heritage. The legacy of his grandfather Giovanni allows to continue to use balsamic aged over 100 years old. It is through respect for tradition, a line of conduct flawless and especially leaving to the time that can be achieved today balsamic 130 years of age and older. His son, Francesco, continues to make known on five continents the impeccable quality of their balsamic vinegar.

    A Magreta (Modena, Italy), the collection Leonardi is synonymous with tradition, history and passion in the heart of a family that for over four generations lavishes all his energies to aging in the rules of the art of Balsamic Vinegar Modena.

  • Mustards and condiments

    For mustards, we selected the range Bio home Savor and Sens.

    These mustards are original and unique products!

    Manufactured under patent pending, they have the distinction of offering a visual of the ingredients used, by freezing them against the walls with organic olive oil. In the end, a panel of exceptional color which gives your eyes as the heart of mustard remains intact and retains its strength.

    In addition, the use of olive oil is used to keep ingredients without that they are altered by mustard thus restoring all their natural flavors.

    These mustards are used to enhance preparations enjoyed as an aperitif, to enhance sauces and stuffings, to sublimate fish, meat and game and give a touch of originality to your salads.

  • Spices

    Provence is full of aromatic herbs, you Calanquet mill offers a selection to brighten any dish.

  • Camargue rice

    Le Moulin du Calanquet offers bio Camargue rice.

  • Biscuits appetizers

    Stop Spread tapenade, chew one. Here's a good original idea and 100% natural.

  • Seafood and side dishes
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Showing 109 - 118 of 118 items