Nougat Barre aux Figues et aux Noix

Figs walnuts nougat bar


The Moulin du Calanquet selected the Nougat de Montélimar of well-earned fame Maison Arnaud Soubeyran founded in 1837 for its quality and the delicacy of its products.

Delicacy of its products is largely due to the selection of raw materials used in nougats.

Figs walnuts nougat de Montélimar bar is a Provence culinary speciality elaborated with lavander honey, figs and Provence walnuts.


Maison Soubeyran starts in 1837 with a marriage between Mr Arnaud and Miss Soubeyran. Quality of theirs products is the result of sound in-country knowledge and ongoing relationships with regional producers through the choice of raw material. Products of Maison Soubeyran using traditional skills including roasting almonds, the cuttings, to cooking process.

Figs walnuts nougat is prepared from harvested Provence lavander honey. Chosen for its special flavour, it is slowly cooking in water bath, to allow evaporation of water for aroma-safe.

Provence almonds are crunchy and most delicious. They bring radiance to nougat.

Ingredients: sugar, sugar syrop, honey, dried figs, unleavened bread and egg-white.

Best use:
Figs walnuts nougat pairs well with coffee or tea breaks, as well as with the 13 mouth-watering xmas desserts in Provence.


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Figs walnuts nougat bar