Olive oil Aglandau

Aglandau Olive oil

The variety :

Olive of French origin, with dual capability: use for the manufacture of olive oil and confectionery table olives. It is a rustic variety self-compatible, its fruits give excellent quality oil that keeps well.


Aglandau Olive oil is very fluid in the mouth and let out a very fruity marked by aromas of raw artichoke or freshly cut grass. It is also characterized by a medium to intense pungency.


Our oils are available in different sizes:

- Bottle 25cl and 75cl metal

- 50cl glass bottle and 75 cl

- Plastic Bottle 3 liters and 5 liters

Use :

All the Moulin olive oils can be used raw or cooked. We recommend using Aglandau olive oil for salads and crudités, finishing on a fish or to mashed potatoes ...

Aglandau Olive oil

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