Salonenque olive oil

Salonenque olive oil

Variety :

Variety of French origin who synonyms for "Plant Fair," its distribution is concentrated in the Bouches-du-Rhône where it occupies 66% of the olive area. The salonenque may well be worked into table olives, it will give the famous crushed olives of our region or oil whose performance is moderately high.


Olive oil Salonenque is very marked by its smoothness on the palate as well as the aromas of fresh almond. This is a very harmonious oil both its light fruitiness than finesse.


Our oils are available in different sizes:

- Bottle 25cl and 75cl metal

- 50cl glass bottle and 75 cl

- Plastic Bottle 3 liters and 5 liters

Use :

All the Moulin olive oils can be used raw or cooked. We recommend using olive oil Salonenque for salads, tomato sauces, in cakes or just saute an onion ...

Salonenque olive oil

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